Halloween Movies for Scaredy Cats (Like Me)

halloween cat

Movie time for this scaredy cat!

In my early youth, I loved reading scary stories, and had no problems watching horror movies. In high school, I watched Scream several times, saw Saw (ha) with some friends and even viewed 28 Days Later in the theater.

I’m not sure when the switch happened, but now, the thought of slasher and zombie movies sends me shivering under the covers.

I still love to watch thrillers, however, and definitely love getting in the Halloween spirit with some spooky (albeit children’s spooky) movies, or outdated horror classics that are more laughable than chilling.

So, for the fellow  wimps, here’s what I’ve been watching lately to get ready for All Hallow’s Eve:

  • The Corpse Bride – I love this movie so much (it’s my favorite from Tim Burton) that I dressed as Emily a few years ago and have been wanting to resurrect my costume again.
  • Hocus Pocus – A classic and a must-see. Period.
  • The Good Son – 90’s golden boy Macaulay Culkin is a far cry from his Home Alone persona in this thriller. If you haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil the ending, but let’s just say it ends in a cliff hanger…
  • ParaNorman – I haven’t seen this animated film yet. Since it’s on Netflix right now and has a positive rating, I figured why not?
  • Rocky Horror Picture ShowTime is fleeting… A few minutes after this post goes live, I’ll be heading to the  aquarium for the movie showing and a concurrent live performance. It’s not often Halloween gets a musical, and, of course it’s better in a theater. Come, we are ready for the floor show. 
  • My Cat From HellFor the true scaredy cats, why not spend some time with your kin? I had to add this one because some of these house pets are truly terrifying to their guardians and on screen. Also, it’s not often that Animal Planet gets so edgy and season-themed with its titles.

I’d love to hear what you’re watching this October and let me know what I’m missing from my list!


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