December Favorites


New Year’s Eve is a complicated evening. For some, it means tight sparkly dresses and endless champagne, followed by a sweaty, and unglamorous walk or ride home.

This describes quite a few new year’s past, but this year (like last), Walter and are spending a semi quiet night at home with our friends Katie and Ryan, a movie, and… endless champagne (some things never change).

However you choose to spend this special night, remember it’s not only the last night of the year, the holiday season – before we are hit hard by January’s unforgiving weather and vast wasteland of holidayless living – so just enjoy yourself, and my last post of 2013 – my December favorites.

Happy New Year!

Starbucks Peppermint Brownie Cake Pop: Cake pops have become as ubiquitous as cupcakes in the last few years, and I can’t really comprehend why.

However, on a cold morning rush to get to the gym, I stopped by a nearby Starbucks after failing to make coffee for myself at home. Not wanting to dive into the coffee or the gym on an empty stomach, I asked for the smallest confection in the pastry case (working out on a full stomach is at the least, unpleasant) – the aforementioned cake pop.

Calling this minty wonder cake is mistake. It’s a rich chocolately brownie with a crunchy shell  covered with peppermint kisses. The festive stick and color only helped nurse my growing affection for the holiday season, and I will mourn these little treats until they reappear next year.

Previse Skin Care: Long before the mostly forgotten “Sunscreen” song, we were aware of the benefits of slathering SPF before sunning (especially for those of us with paler complections).

Fortunately, many moisturizers, bb creams, and foundations contain at least SPF 15, making it easy to protect your skin daily, even in the mostly sunfree winter months.

Last month, I received a package from Previse (thanks LuckyFABB!), a new Cape Cod-based skin care line that prevents UVA and UVB damage (yes, there’s a difference).

Not only does the three step system ward off harmful rays, but it’s tailored specifically to your skin type based on skin tone, family history, geographic location, and past product use.  

It’s synthetic-free, made from natural, sustainable ingredients (such as red algae and wasabi), and is shipped responsibly in biodegradable materials.

My skin type is a 3, and I’m very fond of the serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen, but the cleanser is by far my favorite. It invigorates my face in the morning, cleanses gently, and smells like I’ve taken a trip to the spa.

AMC Fork & Screen Theater: Is there anyone that actually likes airline food (barring Korean Air’s cuisine, of course)? Probably not, but I think we can agree that it’s pretty gratifying that with a push of a button, minutes, sometimes seconds later, a delightful airplane spirit of your choice arrives to your tray table (and neatly presented, naturally).

Well, take that same concept, and add fully reclining, plush leather seats (yeah leg room!), a 21 and above crowd, and a full bar and food menu, and you have the AMC Fork & Screen – except with better movies. 

Walter and I have visited the theater a few times (sadly, the closest one is near my parent’s house in New Jersey), and agree with the F&S mantra: Once you try Fork & Screen, you may never want to see a movie any other way.

Trader Joe’s Decaf Candy Cane Green Tea: This incredibly affordable tea ($1.99!) is easily one of the best I’ve ever tasted. One sip, and sitting fireside with the adorable polar bear on the box, with just a touch of the icy arctic air.

It’s sweet (but not too sweet), and has an extremely well balanced flavor. My nighttime routine this month wasn’t complete without a relaxing candy cane cup before bed.

Motel Rocks Tiger Rose Topi Tea Dress (c/o): Thanks to last October’s LuckyFABB, I was introduced to the UK brand, Motel Rocks. In our amazing gift bags, we were given a gift card, and I selected this dress.

I love the dainty cap sleeves, flowy fabric, and the unique cat scratch rose print. I wore it a few holiday parties this month and got compliments from just about everyone.


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