$3 DIY Pizza Stone


Friday night is just right for ordering pizza. You’re tired after a long week, and all you want to do is sit down with a glass of wine and relax.

Anxiously, you await for your heavenly pie to arrive, only to discover that it is not piping hot and full of melty cheese, but stone cold.

Instead of your normal routine of heating it up on foil, which turns the crust into straight cardboard, you take the advantageous route and use your homemade pizza stone that crisps the crust and melts the cheese in record time.

Where did you acquire this inexpensive version of an item usually priced $50 or more? The hardware store, of course.


Any unglazed quarry tile will work beautifully (something like this). You’ll need to measure your oven to determine how many tiles you’ll need (That’s Walter’s handy work above) depending on their shape (some are square or rectangular).

Once you have the tiles, give them a good wash and let them air dry. After they’re completed dried, they’re ready to use.

IMG_1604 (2)Move your oven rack to the middle and assemble the tiles in the center. Heat your oven to 500 degrees and when the tiles are searing hot, add your pizza and cook just until the cheese melts.

As I learned in my pizza making class, traditional pizza ovens can reach a temperature of 800 degrees or more, so to get a bit science-y on you, the tiles help raise the temperature of the oven by acting as a heat conductor, while allowing the moisture from the dough to seep into the tile pores. High heat plus moisture wicking is the key to a light, crispy crust.

So, say goodbye to mushy leftover slices! Happy Friday!


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