Announcing: The Beyoncé + Jay-Z 22 Day Vegan Challenge!

Beyonce and Jay-Z Vegan

Back in December, Beyonce shocked the world with two surprising events: dropping a secret album, and announcing that she and her husband, Jay-Z, were embarking on “a spiritual and physical cleanse” – a 22 day vegan challenge.

Starting the day before his 44th birthday and ending on Christmas Day, Jay and Bey vowed to consume no animal products for the duration of the challenge.

Starting on Sunday, February 23rd, I will also begin a 22 day meatless journey. February 23rd has no specific meaning, but the end date will fall on March 16th, my birthday.

So, for the next few weeks, I will post daily recipes inspired by Queen Bey’s new visual album – the album that by no means of exaggeration has truly changed my life.

Nearing the end the challenge, I will post four (Bey & J’s favorite number) Jay-Z inspired recipes – 22 in all.

Each recipe will relate to the songs featured, and I will post a daily activity recommendation (my recommendation for today: eat cheese while you still can! I know I will…), a drink pairing suggestion, and some other surprises along the way.

If you choose to jump on the vegan train with me, I would love to hear about your progress and recipes, and if you have any tips!

Jay-Z stated at the end of his post, “I don’t know what happens after Christmas. A semi-vegan, a full plant-based diet? Or just a spiritual and physical challenge? We’ll see…”.

I feel the same way. I’ve kept to a mostly plant-based diet for the last couple of years, and maybe this challenge will be the catalyst for permanent change… or not. We’ll see.

Let the journey begin.


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