Beyonce and Jay-Z Vegan

  1. Beyoncé: Pretty Hurts. Heart Two Heart Salad
  2. Beyoncé: Ghost. Ghost Pepper HOT Hot Chocolate
  3. Beyoncé: Haunted. Smokey BLT
  4. Beyoncé: Drunk in Love. Drunken Noodles
  5. Beyoncé: Blow. Lavender Cherry Compote
  6. Beyoncé: No Angel. Sweet Potato Cilantro Tacos
  7. Beyoncé: Yoncé. Good Dog White Chili
  8. Beyoncé: Partition. Peaches with Red Wine Drip
  9. Beyoncé: Jealous. Naked Green Beans
  10. Beyoncé: Rocket. Rocket Arugula Salad
  11. Beyoncé: Mine. Sesame Tahini Bowl
  12. Beyoncé: XO. Coney Island Hotdogs
  13. Beyoncé: Flawless. Overnight Chia Seed Pudding
  14. Beyoncé: Superpower. Superfood Smoothie
  15. Beyoncé: Heaven. Jena’s “Chicken” Nuggets
  16. Beyoncé: Blue. Vegan Ceviche with Blue Tortilla Chips & Butterfly Pea Flower Tea
  17. Beyoncé: Grown Woman. Choose Your Own Food Adventure!
  18. Jay-Z: Big Pimpin: Big Pizza, {Vegan} Cheese
  19. Jay-Z: Sunshine (Always Be My): Vegan Sushi
  20. Jay-Z: Success. Mr. Chow’s Beijing “Chicken”
  21. Jay-Z: Song Cry: Vegan “Eggs” Benedict
  22. Jay-Z: December 4th: Final Day & Recap!

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