Beyoncé + Jay-Z Vegan Challenge Day 14. Superpower: Superfood Smoothie

Cause together we got plenty superpower. In this video, Beyoncé sings about how her and Jay-Z’s love not only has starpower, but superpowers. Superpowers immediately made me think of superfoods, and the best way to enjoy them is in a tasty and refreshing smoothie. Advertisements

{Vegan} Irish Potato Candy

The food trend I’ve seen circulating the interwebs lately is “fooling” your guests by serving them savory-looking food that’s actually sweet. Aside from April Fool’s Day, I didn’t really the see a point, but when I sampled Irish “potatoes” from the The Original Fudge Kitchen in Cape May, I decided to try this trend myself. Despite its name, this coconut confection

Vegan Challenge Day 22: The End.

Day 22: Today I’m celebrating the end of the challenge and my birthday at Candle 79, an haute cuisine (and all vegan) restaurant in New York City. If you’ve been following along with the challenge, congratulations! Today is the last day, and I wish you all luck going forward, no matter if you stick with a

Ghost Pepper HOT Chocolate

Day 2, song 2, Ghost. I had some trouble coming up with a recipe that fit this song since it’s short (it’s not a full song on the album), but then I remembered reading about the hottest chili in the world (with a very appropriate name): the ghost pepper. I found a ghost pepper hot