Beyoncé + Jay-Z Vegan Challenge Day 11. Mine: Sleepy Tahini Bowl

On my mind up past my bedtime, no rest at the kingdom. In this song, Beyonce talks about not being able to get enough sleep because she’s away from Jay.  Even with her hubs away from their palace, she may have gotten some more quality zzz’s with eating more tahini closer to bedtime. Advertisements

Beyoncé + Jay-Z Vegan Challenge Day 15. Heaven: Vegan Chicken Tenders

The first several times I watched the complete visual album, I skipped Heaven every time. When I eventually did watch all the way through, I sobbed. Beyonce wrote this song about a miscarriage she experienced before having daughter, Blue Ivy, but the video depicts two best friends enjoying life until one of them passes away.

Beyoncé + Jay-Z Vegan Challenge Day 14. Superpower: Superfood Smoothie

Cause together we got plenty superpower. In this video, Beyoncé sings about how her and Jay-Z’s love not only has starpower, but superpowers. Superpowers immediately made me think of superfoods, and the best way to enjoy them is in a tasty and refreshing smoothie.

Beyoncé + Jay-Z Vegan Challenge Day 10. Rocket: Rocket Salad

Rocket ’til waterfalls… I had some trouble coming up with a recipe for this song. No mentions of food and the sexy black and white video didn’t lend itself to many food references. However, I found out (thanks to this blog) that arugula is also known as rocket, and after enjoying this salad at a vegan